Paul Pfeiffer

[youtube][/youtube] Description: Paul is an artist, his mediums include sculpture, photography and video art. In his john 3:16 piece he uses images from many different videos pertaining to a basketball , he blows the images up and puts them together similar to an animation. He does a lot of video work where he Photoshop’s the videos and then adds the videos together. His piece titled “time” was a view of a miniature house videoed taped.


Reaction: His use of repetition is very mesmerizing, I am in awe and will watch the videos for a long time.  I think he spends lot of time thinking of how his art is going to be viewed and making this final art works. His  video with the basketball is magnificent , he is able to keep the ball the center of attention although it is many different films sliced together. In the long count where the boxers are erased from the ring is very time intensive but you can still see the outlines and it is more interesting that way., also in his crucifixion  piece he erased the background images and only had the main subject moving and in the image .


Bill Viola

Description:Bill Viola works with video, sound and a lot of media that envelops the admirer. in his video reflecting pool. I am intrigued, the main subject is looking at the pool for a long time and then is held about the pond again he is reflecting his decision . I wonder how he made man stop mid -air, what he used to do so and keep the rest of the picture moving. How he keeps the reflections and loses the subject it its reflecting is an art. He plays with sound, he plays with light, he plays with point of interest, he really can draw the viewer in and keep them wondering what is going to happen next and it is all very subtle. Seem to use a lot of play on word. I love how he uses water, it is such a manipulable element.


I am amazed by his art, i think he uses a play on words, in his acceptance video, it was interesting because when i saw it , I thought of how when people feel accepted its like its washes over them, and hoe although it was just water that the person was passing through its hard to see through and look like a wall, it is a barrier . lovely all around. His slow transitioning and slow movement don’t make you feel overwhelmed but it gave me time to wonder what and why and encouraged me to question and think about the art.

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Alec Soth

Alec Soth


medium camera, usually one subject. Mainly has his subject in the middle of his pictures. Alec uses light very well to cast upon the subject. seems like a portrait photographer. you can sort of tell what he is going through via his pictures. I really wish there were captions or some explanations I am so lost but mesmerized by these pictures I have so many questions.

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really able to capture the felling of the places he goes, in the dog days project I felt like it was hot, and just bad, all the pictures were pretty severe or his Niagara set it seems more based on couples and love so i t seems maybe he found someone, or he lost someone he loved since none of the pictures seemed really happy, they almost seem incomplete.

Robin Rhode

Robin Rhode

Description: studied multiple types of art including performance, drawing, photography and sculpture. influenced by the youth culture, which applies to his street are, and also has a narrative type of art which makes it seem historic.  Robin uses soap, chalk and things like charcoal as his medium, takes multiple pictures to create a multipanel, in order to tell the story he created. He uses the street walls in a way that makes his images bend and have shape. robin’s art is mostly called performances and also has videos and animations. Most of his art includes repetition and a point of interest, usually his model.

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I honestly thin his art is amazing. robin’s use of repetition is exquisite, i follow the story he makes and look over it a dozen times because there is so much detail and at first i just want to get a big picture. I love the use of a model in order to help tell the story. His story telling technique creates movement within the piece and throughout the pictures that isn’t actually there. i think that the solid background really let you focus in on the story he is telling. you can see the thought and the process he went thought to get that story he wanted, and you are able to watch his art come to life.

Cory Archangel

Cory Archangel


Cory has a myriad of media that he uses; he goes from taking pictures to Photoshop to 3-d art he also does some free hand with pencil and scans. Most of his art is very colorful.  He obviously has talent and the ability to do things digitally I have no idea how to do, but he also plays around and does simple art sometimes like the picture of the pizza with a smile face on it.




At first I thought his art was a joke. I thought I can literally do what he does son Photoshop, I recognized one of the tool he used , and I had made something very similar on Photoshop before but I would never call it art. I then realized I was looking in his “things I made category”, which I fell he makes on an almost daily basis. But when I saw his archives of posts pieces, I loved it. I love his used of lines, I loved how he drew you into the point of interest, especially in his misunderstandings piece.

tumblr_muoz45R09E1qaa7slo1_500 Warhol-Pittsburgh-2013-02-install-05-database-Warhol_1